What is Simple Web Hosting?

Simple Web Hosting is web hosting that is designed to meet the needs of Companies, People, Organizations, Groups and Causes that need a website.  You bought your domain on the internet, now what? Here’s where “Simple Web Hosting” comes into play. We offer three different levels of web hosting.  

Simple Web Hosting

This is for your simple web hosting. Meant to have a presence on the internet, single web page or two, single email. Not meant for thousands of visitors.

Standard Web hosting

This package gives you the basic website hosting options. This is what most people choose, most websites that you visit use this option. This option allows you to run an e-commerce website, WordPress, sales and services. This service comes with a variety of of Email(s), Website, and Database(s) options.  

Professional Web Hosting

This is meant for a business type of hosting services. More robust, hosted inside the United States with guaranteed up-time and reliability. Cloud services are meant for higher availability, higher scalability with almost no limitations. Expansive options. Most of all, meant for thousands upon thousands of visitors, or traffic.  


  • Website -Two or three pages
  • Email -One
  • Traffic / Bandwidth -1 Giagabyte
  • Storage -1 Gigabyte


per month
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  • Website -Expansive website
  • Email -Up to 50
  • Traffic / Bandwidth -100 Giagabytes
  • Storage -20 Gigabytes


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